Reason #1 for most software project failures: Poor, inflexible design.

  • Users uninvolved
  • Users overly-influential
  • Communication gap between users and designers
"Technology projects very seldom fail for technology reasons. 'By far the highest percentage of failures results from human communications issues.'"

Gary Baney in Information Week

Ideal Systems helps you produce high-quality, robust application models with our BEAM approach to design (Business Events Analysis & Modeling). BEAM is:

  • Common language for users and developers
  • Understandable and verifiable by users
  • Disciplined, consistent, flexible for developers

BEAM sheds light on issues that would otherwise be easily missed. It builds a bridge between users, designers, and developers so that what is hoped for is the very thing that is delivered.

For more information on BEAM training, click here.


BEAM… has improved communications between our customers and developers and dramatically boosted the quality and flexibility of our software products.

Damian K. - CEO
Scottsdale, AZ

My database design now takes fewer meetings with customers and is optimized quicker than before with fewer iterations. I highly recommend this training.

Aman C. - Designer/Developer
Mumbai, India

Our manufacturing company relies on Ideal Systems. Their design approach was second to none and their software runs like clockwork for us.

Susann G. - Sales Manager
Roseville, MI

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